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"When people arrive at the Drop Zone, they are overjoyed with just the thought of going skydiving. I can feel the static in the air, emotions and feelings running wild. Electricity fills the air, and there is no doubt how excited and anxious they are to go on this life-changing journey.

Kevin loves being able to assist people on their life-changing experience. When folks come into the Skydiving Center he helps make that happen. Part of his responsibilities include buckling them into their harness, and training for the jump.

Kevin says that the Tandem Instructors are very knowledgeable jumpers with a great deal of experience and humility, whose mastery of the art and personal character make the skydiving experience 100 times.

He loves his work because the team "is really a team...a close-knit group of friends", and he loves helping their students have a blast. Having been part of the team at the skydiving center in Miami since early 2012, Kevin says it has been a life-changing experience for him! 

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